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Updated: 5/18/2020
History Project Storyboard.

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  • Hello, I am Ho Chi Minh. I am a communist and will rise to power once I help the Vietnamese defeat the french.
  • The Vietnam WarBy: Alex AmayaPeriod: 2
  • French troops will retreat and Vietnam will be able to have their own government
  • 1954 Geneva Conference
  • North Vietnam is ruled by communists. They were helped by the Soviet Union. Ruler: Ho Chi MInh
  • North & South Vietnam are split
  • South Vietnam was ruled by anti-communist. They were helped by the US. Ruler: Ngo Dinh Diem.
  • The Domino Theory was activated when the war started. Once one country fell the rest did to communism but the US and the other Anti-communist did not give up hope
  • In 1964 the US joined the War and went to help the South. It was Guerilla Warfare in an unknown country for the US troops.
  • In Southern Vietnam there was Vietcong which was an area that supported communist Vietnam. Vietcong were support by the North, China, and Soviet Union. They helped take over South
  • Eventually in 1969 Nixon withdrew US troops from Vietnam. In 1973 all US troops left, a couple years later in 1975 the North completely took over the South. The Fall Of Saigon triggered the Domino affect and the rest of southeast Asia fell to communism. That included Cambodia.
  • In Cambodia Communists Rebels took over in 1975. Later on in 1993 Cambodia adopted Democracy. They held elections with the United Nations' help. Then 1.5 million people fled from Vietnam to Cambodia. Saigon was renamed Ho Chi Minh City. Couple years later in 1995 the US normalized relations with Vietnam.