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storyboard: a classics lesson
Updated: 6/30/2020
storyboard: a classics lesson
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  • good morning everyone! Today in classics we are going to be learning about Theseus and the Minotaur
  • everyone turn to page 8
  • This is the son of king Aegeus of Athens and princess Aethra - Theseus.
  • Theseus's father left him before he was born. He told his wife if it was a boy then at the right age he would be able to lift this boulder. when we was able to lift the boulder he should come find him.
  • under the boulder he found a pair of sandals and a fine sword!
  • on the way to meeting his father Theseus met a man who tied people to two trees and let them rip in two thesues did the same to this man- sinus
  • a man named Sciron who made visitors wash his feet but then he would kick the off a cliff. Theseus threw the man down the cliff. 
  • lastly there was a man who offered a bed to visitors but if there legs where too long he would cut them off and if their legs were too short he would stretch them out. Theseus treated Procrustes with the same manner
  • 1. when Theseus arrived at Athens Aegeus was married to the evil Medea. Aegeus recognised his son when he saw his swords,
  • 3. Theseus learnt about how each year eleven men and women sacrificed their lives to be eaten by a half bull and half human- the Minotaur. Theseus decided to be one of the eleven.
  • what would happen to Theseus ...
  • 2. Medea felt threatened by Theseus and tried to poison him but she failed and was kicked out.
  • ....would he die or conquer the Minotaur
  • i am afraid the lesson is over but the story will continue next lesson
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