Making Forces Funny
Updated: 2/3/2020
Making Forces Funny
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  • A biker. Not what I expected, but she'll be the perfect match for me, she'll fit perfectly.
  • Oh my god, I can't resist, he's so attractive.
  • Oh gosh, why the surfer, out of everyone, she deserves the one like her, not contrast like him.
  • "I find myslef immensly attracted to you, you pulled me right in, like a magnet. "
  • I mean don't OPPOSITES attract.
  • "Yeah, but we are two completely different people, with very different personalities and interests."
  • I can't believe I slid right into her DM's, I hope she makes a move.
  • So is there any way that us, two complete opposites could come together as one?
  • I guess I liked him, but I just wanna be in the position we are now, "friends."
  • Oh my goodness! She fell for him!
  • As the Bikers and Surfers, two completely different people, and two enemies, pass each other, Lily and Blake meet eyes and pull each other in. They both attracted each other, and thought they'd create the perfect match and spark a bit of electricity together.
  • Playing: "Falling For You" by Teen Beach Movie
  • I think i'm falling for you.
  • Oh no! I'm falling!
  • You fell right into my arms, don't worry I got you.
  • Blake is the negative to Lily's positive, I mean usually she usually repels those with negative vibes, but he's different to her, he attracts her. Magnetism is the force exerted by magnets when they are attracted to each other, and just like that they pulled each other in. They lit up the opposite charges in each others hearts, and have come together to compliment each of their own, opposite personalities.
  • They can't be together, we've got to pull them apart!
  • Oh my god, why are they pulling us away from each other!
  • Hey, I just wanted to say than--
  • Hold on to me!
  • Lily! Stay away from him!
  • Blake wants to be Lily's perfect match so he slides in to her DM's, and experiences sliding friction where he slides against her heart, but this motion that keeps two surfaces in contact stopped him from moving and kept him in her heart, hoping that she'd make a move. But, she wanted to stay friends. She didn't want to make a move, but instead stay in place, like the force static friction, which kept her at rest from making the move.
  • Playing: "I Gotta Go My Own Way" by High School Musical
  • What about us!
  • I got to go my own way Blake!
  • Let's go Lily!
  • As Lily towers over the DJ counter she falls right into Blake's arms, gravity attracted them together with Lily right in his arms. She was falling to the ground but the physics, their strong liking for each other, and the strong gravitational pull between them attracted them together. They were pulled towards each other, and were meant to be together.
  • The more Lily and Blake were getting pulled apart by their friends, the more they got pulled towards each, the more they wanted to be together. But, as they became in a farther pull from each other like an elastic, more tension between the both of them and their groups, leaving them in a big issue. It made Lily think about going her own way so she wouldn't have to deal with the drama.
  • Keep pulling guys!
  • As much as Lily wanted to be with Blake, it made her realize more that there was already so much tension to have to go through, they were already so far apart, so she thought it was better to spring back to her own life. She finally decided to go her own way
  • Leave her Blake!
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