the obling
Updated: 11/5/2018
the obling
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  • When sailing day finally arrives a week later, the ship is crowded with passengers, and Wyatt's party arrives in about ten minutes after myself.
  • Put this box in my room
  • Hey Mr. Wyatt!
  • For the first three or four days, we have fine weather. Though I notice there is something wrong happening to my friend
  • Mrs. Wyatt is different from what Wyatt told me. She is rather indifferent looking, totally uneducated, and decidedly vulgar.
  • My friend Wyatt is so gloomy. and ayway shut himself up alone in his state-room
  • They stay in a different room, too. It must be a sign of divorce
  • There is another circumstance, too. During the two wakeful nights in question, and immediately after the disappearance of Mrs. Wyatt into the extra state-room, I'm attracted by certain singular cautious, subdued noises in that of her husband. After listening to them for some time, with thoughtful attention, I at length succeeded perfectly in translating their import. They are sounds occasioned by the artist in prying open the oblong box
  • --------
  • -------
  • 7th day on the ship, a storm arrives. All was now confusion and despair. In the long boat, they start loading most of the crews and passengers and sent them off to find safety.
  • After loading much of the passengers, fourteen people, including me, the captain, and the Wyatt party remain on board, resolving to trust their fortunes to the jolly-boat at the stern.
  • However, Mr. Wyatt refuses to leave without his box. He, in fact, springs from the boat, and by almost superhuman exertion, in getting hold of a rope which hung from the fore-chains. In another moment he lands on board, and rushing frantically down into the cabin.
  • I won't leave without this box
  • Mr. Wyatt please come back here
  • As our distance from the wreck rapidly increased, Mr.Wyatt is seen to emerge from the companion- way, up which by dint of strength that appears gigantic, he drags, bodily, the oblong box. While we gaze in the extremity of astonishment, he passes, rapidly, several turns of a three-inch rope, first around the box and then around his body. In another instant both body and box are in the sea- disappearing suddenly, at once and forever.
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