Dharma 3 Ruhala
Updated: 6/2/2020
Dharma 3 Ruhala

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  • 'Give me my inheritance, monk.
  • WHEN PRINCE SIDDHATTHA had set out on his quest, the son he'd left behind had been just a baby.
  • By the time the Buddha returned to Kapilvastu, Prince Rahula was seven years old. Gotama and his large extended family were soon on worm terms again, though on a very different basis from in the past, and the Buddha was soon a regular visitor at the palace.
  • During one of these visits, Yasodhara, his former wife, sent the boy to the Buddha, telling him to ask his father for his inheritence, hoping that perhaps he would formally make over all his rights to his son. The young prince followed the buddha around saying, 'Give me my inheritance, monk. 'Give me my inheriaence, monk.' The Buddha, however, chose not to understand this request in the way that Yasodhara had intended it.