Book Club Project
Updated: 5/8/2020
Book Club Project

Storyboard Text

  • Rwanda 1994There is a genocide where the Tutsi are being attacked by the Hutu because the Dutch came in and said that the Hutu are better so the Hutu thought the country of Rwanda would be better without the Tutsi. This is the story of Emma, a young Tutsi survivor of the genocide.
  • Emma's mother was murdered by a Hutu killer
  • MOMMY!
  • Emma is asking an old Hutu woman to help hide her from Hutu Killers
  • My mother was just killed, can I stay and hide with you ma'am?
  • Sure thing kid. I have a good hiding spot for you.
  • Hutus come around often to check if people are hiding Tutsis
  • I'm here to check for Tutsis.
  • Rwanda 1994The war has ended. Everybody is equal now. But like many kids, Emma still has a lot of trauma from the war. She has nightmares of what she heard that night every night.
  • Emma does not like that the killers that killed her mother are coming because she is afraid
  • The killers are coming. To be judged by the survivors. A Gacaca court.
  • WHAT!!!! I'm scared!