Media- Storyboard for LATE!

Updated: 9/12/2020
Media- Storyboard for LATE!

Storyboard Text

  • 1. Waking Up
  • 2. Realisation that i'm Late!
  • 3. Going to my computer!
  • I wake up from a very long and nice sleep without the realisation that i'm late to my meeting.
  • 4. Thinking of how the interviewer will be waiting for me to join his call
  • I look at the clock and realise that i'm late by 1 hour for my meeting. My facial expression says it all.
  • 5. My interviewer explains his plans
  • I begin to approach my computer with the realisation that im going to lose my job opportunity with the possibility of being humiliated.
  • 6. I express my relief after being given a second chance
  • I begin to panic about how my interviewer is in the current situation and i begin to ask myself questions. Will he be calm? How do i explain myself? Is my future in jeopardy?
  • My interviewer explains how the meeting will go ahead and the circumstances of me being late.
  • To my surprise the interview went ok and after all my future isn't in jeopardy. My meeting is re scheduled leaving me with hope that i will get myself a job.