Al Capone does my Shirts
Updated: 5/8/2020
Al Capone does my Shirts

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  • “Some cockamamie psychiatrist decides the problem is Natalie doesn't get enough attention, and Helen ships him off! Our Matthew! I‟m happy as a pig in mud to have him here, but it‟s a darn fool thing. What child doesn't have a brother or sister? Half the world has seven or eight. Having a brother didn't make Natalie the way she is. One look at the two of them together and that big-shot psychiatrist would have known that."
  • “Put her in an asylum, Helen. It‟s the humane thing to do."
  • From the doorway, I see Nat‟s soft purple blanket in a tangled heap. Why didn't my mom pack it? How will Nat go to sleep without it? I feel like marching into my parents‟ room and shaking my mom. How could you send her to that place without her blanket?
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