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Intro major
Updated: 8/14/2019
Intro major
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  • Introduction revealing the productions name. The letters have a lighting glow effect to it (includes sober plugin). The video starts of zoomed in and slowly zooms out while rotating (following the arrow). Carried out in After Effects. It includes an electric sound effect that I made/recorded to fit the shot.
  • Another introduction revealing another production name. It includes two circles, one covering the other, creating an eclipse effect and revealing the name (following the arrow). Various lighting and colour effects applied. Carried out in Blender. Also includes a suitable sound effect that I recorded/made that fits the context
  • Blender camera is stationary, Black circle is keyframed to move and cover the other one (white). The video and audio is faded out slowly.
  • Google Search
  • I'm Feeling Lucky
  • Close up shots of the bedside table show the phone vibrating (receiving call). The camera slowly pans and also still shots. No additional visual effects present. Phone buzzing sound effect (pre recorded) playing in the background.
  • A still shot- scene where the figure starts walking from the right and makes their way to the tree (further from the camera) and starts running across the screen to the right (follow arrow). Masking and various glitching effects applied to certain points of the figures position overlapped on the original. A low reverb version of the song is played in the background.
  • A screen recording of the computer screen navigating through the websites and hyperlinks. Various photoshopped pictures pop up (ads) , at the end glitch effects are applied to the screen and images. No camera work present. iMac pop up sound effect used for the pop up ads.
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