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Updated: 9/19/2021
Unknown Story

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  • Ah! I like this family time.
  • And I love the warmth of this fire
  • yes, its so cozy.
  • Kids do you know that the Fire was discovered about 2.5 million years back, during the Paleolithic period of the Stone Age?
  • Grandma, I wonder how the Pre-historic people survived without these basic necessities!
  • Oh Yes, read it in the Pre-Historic Evolution of Humans, in my class.
  • They developed the skill of igniting a spark and nurture it until it created a flame. They used controlled fire to cook their prey, keep themselves warm, and also safe from other wild animals.A spark was generated from the friction created by rubbing two Flint rocks or two wooden sticks. Then they were flamed.
  • I would like some too dear :)
  • Who all are in for some Hot Chocolate. Raise your hands.
  • ME!
  • woof
  • Grandma I am curious, what did the Paleolithics eat and store their food in?
  • They mostly ate Mammoths and Bisons. Mammoths have become extinct now. Their Natural selection has resulted in the evolution of the present-day "Elephants". Mostly, Hunters and Foragers. They used tools made out of stones and wood to hunt. They would also collect and store fruit, berries, and nuts with better shelf life in containers made of stone and wood.