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Updated: 9/3/2021
Unknown Story

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  • What Happen?
  • My stomach is aching
  • Let's consult to Gynecologist
  • I'm having irregular periods, facial hairs,etc;
  • My daughter having irregular periods, stomach aching ,, facial hairs,etc;
  • She might having PCOD.
  • She is suffering from PCOD , This occurs due to hormonal imbalance, toxic intake, sugar problem, unhealthy food, no-exercise, etc;
  • Is She Fine??
  • Yes,She is Fine .You need to take some precautions:Take healthy food, regular exercise, Limit carbohydrate ,also i'm listing some pills.
  • No. My dear It's not a disease , It's a disorder we just need to take some precautions. Be Happy!
  • Mummy, Is I'm suffering from disease?