Updated: 1/17/2019

Storyboard Text

  • once upon a time in a land far away. King Roman was looking for a new knight after the previous ones were injured after fighting the fierce dragon. King Roman was desperate for a new knight so he walked around town asking if anyone wanted to become a great knight. While asking around he found a man named Luther.
  • Luther had accepted the offer to become King Roman's knight. King Roman had given him the same mission he gave the other knights that were injured. Luther started his journey to the dragons cave.
  • Luther got to the cave. Upon entering the cave he sees nothing but darkness and nothing more. Luther walked forward and bumped into what he thought was a wall but, it was the dragon. The dragon then floats up and attacks Luther, but Luther was swift and he dodged. The dragon flew towards Luther at tremendous speed pushed him back through the wall.
  • Getting back up, Luther runs toward the dragon and hits one of the wings making it furious. Luther realizing what he had done and begins to guard with his shield. The dragon lifts up in the air and blows fire at Luther.
  • Luther stands back up striking the dragon more and more until the dragon roars from the pain. The roars were so loud that the rocks above the dragon collapsed crushing the dragon. Seeing that, Luther knew it was time for him to leave. Upon returning to the kingdom, King Roman made Luther his highest ranking knight.
  • The End