Updated: 5/20/2020

Storyboard Text

  • Oh! He is my dear friend, Bob, should i arrest him or not?
  • Its alright officer, I am waiting for my best friend here, we agreed to meet here at the same place, same time correct after 20 years
  • 20 years?? , It is a very long time, have you been in touch with him?
  • Yeah, we did, but after few years, we lost contact, anyways the west is a big proposition..
  • Okay.. I will be on my way, hope your friend comes soon..
  • The West gave me everything that I ever wanted!!
  • Hey, Bob, is that you?? Oh, it's been 20 long years!
  • Yeah, its me , Jimmy !
  • Wait a minute, you are not Jimmy Wells, 20 years is indeed a long time but not long enough to change a man's nose from a Roman to a Pug.
  • Yeah.. but sometimes it changes a good man into a bad one.. you have been under arrest for 10 mins 'SILKY BOB'
  • Now come with me to the station, finally the cops will get rid of you!But before we go, there is a note for you from Officer Wells.
  • BOB READS THE NOTE:Bob, I was at the appointed place at time, when I saw your face , i was in a doubt that it was a wanted man in Chicago. Somehow I couldn't arrest you myself.- Jimmy