Thinking Engineer.Mueller

Updated: 9/28/2021
Thinking Engineer.Mueller

Storyboard Text

  • We are going to explore thinking engineering this week! We are going to be using a lot of science and math to help use explore!
  • This week I am having my sixth grade students thinking engineering through the use of science and math!
  • That's awesome! Thinking engineer is something that your students will be able to use in all aspects of the lives. Right now, my college students are also solving problems by using the same engineer thinking. For some, it is a new concept, but for other they were introduced to this thinking when they were in elementary. This allows students to solve problems and is an awesome thing for students to learn!
  • Bringing engineering thinking into classrooms is important for future teacher and for students. This allows students to develop the skills of looking at a problem, thinking of ways to solve problems, building prototypes, testing them, and evaluating their prototype. These are all skills that students will need and be able to use in future classes and careers!