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Updated: 9/26/2021
Unknown Story

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  • Meeting Of The Estates-General
  • WE should raise raise the taxes on the third estate.
  • I agree
  • No, you shouldn't raise the taxes on the third estate.
  • Storming Of The Bastille
  • After the ammunition and arms!!!!
  • The third estate will have a say in the government!!!
  • Declaration Of The Rights Of Man
  • Whatever.
  • "all men are born and remain free and equal in right"
  • The first estate and second estate want to raise taxes on the third estate because they had to pay for France's debt. While, the first and second estates didn't get taxed as much.
  • Woman's March On The Versailles
  • The third estate wants to storm the Bastille because they believed it had arms and ammunition so they could fight back and even free some prisoners.
  • Execution Of King Louis XVI
  • NO, Please No.
  • Yeah! Execute Him.
  • On August 26, 1789 at the French Constituent Assembly the Declaration of Rights of Man was issued. The Declaration of Rights of Man papers explains a list of rights, such as freedom of religion, speech, assembly and seperation of powers.
  • Reign Of Terror
  • Take immediate action of anyone who is suspected of being enemies of the Revolution.
  • Woman from market places of Paris led a march to Versailles on October 5, 1789. The third estates main food was bread. There was a shortage in which bread was scarce and had higher prices.
  • On January 21, 1793 King Louis XVI was executed because he ignored the third estate and did not pass any of his actions to the other estates. He was executed on a guillotine in Place de la Concorde, Paris, France.
  • Kill Him!
  • On September 5, 1793 to July 27 1794 armies surrounded France on all sides and decided to take harsh measures against those suspected of being enemies of the Revolution. During the time many people were executed.
  • Including Nobles, Priest, and Hoarders