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Updated: 2/15/2019
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Percy Jackson

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  • Chapter 4 Character vs Character
  • Chapter 3 Character vs Character
  • Chapter 8 Character vs Nature
  • "As the monster barreled past,I drove the broken horn straight into his side,right up under his furry rib cage''(pg.55)This is Percy Jackson fighting the monster. Percy had broken his horn off and killed the minotaur.
  • Chapter 7 Character vs Nature
  • "I walked into our little apartment,hoping my mom would be home from work. Instead,Smelly Gabe was in the living room,playing poker with his buddies.The television blared ESPN.Chips and beer cans were strewn all over the carpet.Hardly looking up,he said around his cigar,'So,you're home'''(pg.31).This is Percy Jackson coming home hoping to see his mom but then it being smelly Gabe.
  • Chapter 6 Character vs Character 
  • "I was too tired to argue.I stepped back into the creek,the whole camp gathering around me.Instantly,I felt better.This is Percy after the battle with Clarisse.Chiron had told him to get in the creek and he had instantly felt better.
  • Chapter 5 Character vs Character
  • "I scraped a big slice of brisket into the flames''(pg.105).This is Percy Jackson when he realizes other campers are throwing food into the campfire he did not know what they were doing.He asked his friend Luke and what was going on and then when it came Percy's turn he had honored the gods with good smell and taste with a piece of bread.
  • "I turned just a the water basted out of the toilet again,hitting Clarisse straight in the face so hard it pushed her down onto her butt"(pg.91). This is Percy Jackson when him and Clarisse are mad at eachother. Water was everywhere except where Percy was.
  • "I stared at the horse who had just sprung from the wheelchair;a huge white stallion. But where its neck should be was the upper body of my Latin teacher,smoothly grafted to the horses trunk''(pg74). This is Percy when he finds out that Mr.Brunner is actually Chiron.
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