PEC700 IT Skills
Updated: 10/19/2020
PEC700 IT Skills

Storyboard Text

  • Boss, here is the statement for tax computation.
  • Boss, don't worry, all is for your own good.
  • Why I only have to pay little tax but my profit is high?
  • Ah girl ah, wake up.
  • Ah ma, I miss you so much!
  • What's that, ah ma?
  • Remember, ah girl. Earn what you should earn, pay what you should pay as well.
  • Guai, ah girl. Ah ma come here to remind you one thing.
  • Boss own a company and she earns a lot of money. But she always have to pay less tax. Sometimes she asked her accountant is there any mistake, but her accountant always say it's all correct.
  • Ah ma!
  • Boss trust to her accountant until one day...
  • Pay what should I pay... I pay tax... Is there any problem?
  • Boss met her grandma in her dream.
  • Hi, can we meet at somewhere, because I need your help.
  • Grandma keep repeating the same sentence until grandma disappeared. Then, boss suddenly wake up.
  • What's meaning of that?
  • Boss called her friend.
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