The Giver Storyboard
Updated: 2/7/2020
The Giver Storyboard

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  • Event #1
  • Event #2
  • Events #3
  • Jonas has dinner with his family and they all tell and share their feelings together.
  • Event #4
  • Jonas and his family went to the Ceremony and Jonas was selected to be the next new Receiver of Memory.
  • Event #5
  • Jonas meets The Giver for the first time and The Giver gives Jonas first memory. it is the memory of sledding down a hill in the snow. he also receives a painful memory and it is a sunburn.
  • Event #6
  • Jonas learns about the previous Receiver, Rosemary the daughter of the Giver and her release (death).
  • Jonas learns that "releasing" is suicide or killed yourself because the Giver shows a video to Jonas that Jonas father killed a newborn baby by using a needle with a liquid inside and put it on the newborn forehead. When the newborn died, Jonas father put the newborn in a basket and throw into the dumpster.
  • Jonas escape with his baby brother Gabriel from the community and they going toward to the Elsewhere because Jonas family was planning to release Gabriel, but Jonas doesn't want his baby brother to get killed and he also wants to find out that the memories are now his very own.