Huckleberry Finn (6-11)
Updated: 2/15/2021
Huckleberry Finn (6-11)

Storyboard Description

A 3 celled setting that occurs in chapter 6-11 of Huckleberry Finn

Storyboard Text

  • "GIT up! What you 'bout?" (Twain 38)
  • Huck was sleeping after an exhausting night full of his father chasing him with a knife. He had prepared to leave when his father fell fast asleep, but Huck fell asleep before then
  • Huck lies to his father and says "Somebody tried to get in, so I was laying for him" (Twain 38). After his father left, he continued his plan and escaped through the hole he had been creating for days.
  • "...a little creek like a gully, all hung over with vines and willows" (Twain 39). These scenes are significant because they show the start of Huck's adventure and the influence his pap has on him.