Oedipus the King - Juan Miguel R. Azul
Updated: 11/4/2020
Oedipus the King - Juan Miguel R. Azul

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  • Oedipus solves the riddle of the sphinx and saves the city of Thebes. Which made him the king with his wife being the widowed Jocasta, where the former king was King Laius.
  • Thank you Oedipus for saving the town of Thebes. As a reward, you are now our king! This is my widowed sister Jocasta who will also be your wife!
  • Man.
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  • A plague now roams the city, and the people are asking help from Oedipus. Creon, which is his brother in law, after talking to Apollo, told Oedipus that the way to cure the city from the plague is to find out who killed King Laius and punish the murderer.
  • Oh no there's a plague, the people need me.
  • Oedipus got surprised about the information on how King Laius died and asked Jocasta more about how it happened. This made Oedipus remember the time before he came to Thebes, where he killed an elder with a few servants on a chariot.
  • Go and bring him to me.
  • Apollo told me that the only way to free us from the plague is to find out who killed the former king of Thebes, King Laius.
  • I know a prophet who can help.
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  • Impossible! You and Creon are probably trying to plot against me!
  • Who killed King Laius, oh wise Prophet Tiresias.
  • If you really want to know, then it is you! You're the one who killed King Laius. You do not know your true parents, and you hold a curse coming form them. You will kill your father, then marry and have kids with your mother.
  • Tell me now, you old, blind man!
  • I'm afraid I can't tell you, for it will not help you. I should not have come here.
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  • Stop arguing you two and know that no mortal can show any kind of prophecy! A prophecy came to Laius that his son would be the one killing him. But he was just killed by strangers where three roads met. So that prophecy can't be true.
  • You're plotting against me aren't you because I know that Tiresia's prophecy is not true.
  • I am not!
  • 4
  • Yes.
  • Where three roads met?
  • 5
  • A messenger arrives at the palace telling Oedipus that his father has died. Oedipus then explains why he has left his hometown.
  • I came to tell you that your father, Polybus, has died from old age. And your mother, Merope wants you back home.
  • I'm afraid I can't go back. I left there out of fear because Apollo told me that I have a prophecy where I would kill my father, then marry and have kids with my mother. Since my mother is still alive, I still cannot.
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