Updated: 5/22/2020
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  • One day in the beautiful city of mexico
  • Hi Bruno, how are you?.
  • -I don't know I feel sick
  • .really?you should go to the doctor
  • .ok ok but first i will go for my hatthe weather is very hot
  • .hello my name is brunofeel sick , could see the doctor?
  • OK wait a momentthe doctor is treating a person with a headache
  • Hello Mayrai feel better it was just a stomach achehey would you like to be my girlfriend?
  • Hi Bruno, I'm Dr Pichu how do you feel?
  • Hi DrI feel dizzyI feel nauseous, belching and go to the bathroom a lot
  • have a stomachachehave poor digestiontake these pills will help you get better
  • thanks Dr pichu you are a good doctor
  • Hi Bruno, how did it go with the doctor?you looked very bad that day
  • oh YESI would like to be your girlfriend
  • END
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