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Updated: 2/18/2020
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  • Assyrian: Military
  • Assyrian: Life
  • Assyrian: King and Government
  • The Assyrian military was very large. There were also well trained and disciplined. It was made up of archers, infantry, and cavalry. They brutal and merciless fighters.
  • Chaldeans: Empires
  • They built their lives from what they learned from other Mesopotamian people. They worshiped Babylonian gods and built temples. They also copied Babylonian writing.
  • Chaldeans: Life in Empires
  • The Kings were powerful leaders over a large area. The system of roads connected these provinces. The empire wad divided into Providences or smaller political districts.
  • Chaldeans
  • The Chaldeans were under rule by King Nabopolassar. King Nabolassar and his sons built a new Empire. They called the Empire the Chaldean Empire.
  • Chaldeans invented one of the first sundials to measure time. They were first to follow a 7 day week.The stars, planets,and the phases of the moon.
  • Chaldean astronomers, or people who study the heavenly bodies.traded in Babylon often and helped add to its wealth.Caravans, or groups of traveling merchants.