Common Assessment
Updated: 3/4/2021
Common Assessment

Storyboard Text

  • Drinking Alcohol
  • Kynlee and Adyson
  • Say no
  • Do you want to drink this alcohol. I snuck it from the kitchen
  • No way I am not doing that
  • My name: Adyson Sellers Teachers name: Ms. Patterson
  • Tell why not/Offer other ideas/HELP
  • We are at my house no on will know and that is boring.
  • I am not doing it because it is illegal and we could possibly get caught. how about we just go and play board games and just hangout.
  • Adyson and Kynlee were at Kynlee's house on a Saturday night in her room.
  • Promptly leave
  • We can do that but let's drink first.
  • I am going to leave so you can drink without me if you want. Bye
  • Kynlee asked Adyson if she wanted to drink alcohol and Adyson didn't want to do that so she said no. Then Kynlee asked why
  • Timeout
  • WAIT. Let's talk about it!
  • Adyson told Kynlee why she was not going to do it and offer to just hangout and play board games.
  • Kynlee keep trying to make her drink alcohol. So Adyson decided to leave.
  • Adyson left for a couple of minutes so then Kynlee decide to come after her and told her to wait.