Updated: 6/8/2020
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  • Technological innovations
  • Sailor! Tell the captain that the compass says we are headed North not North East!
  • Exploration causes and events
  • Remember the King wants updates every other week.
  • Columbian exchange
  • Once we finish checking the corn we need to check the tobacco.
  • Okay
  • The magnetic compass was invented by the Chinese Tang or Song dynasty, and their invention quickly spread throughout the Indian Ocean basin . The astrolabe was a simplified version of a tool used by the Perisan and Greek astronomers. It measures the angle of the sun to figure out the latitude. These helped improve sailing.
  • Maritime empires
  • Nations began to discover the need for more natural resources and for new trade routes. Many empires wanted to find new routes to India, which eventually led Columbus to land in the Americas. Other nations sponsered many voyages to conquer lands , such as King Ferdinand who sponsored many trips in hope of establishing land in the name of Spain.
  • Indigenous response
  • The Columbian exchange was the trade of goods throughout Europe, West Africa, and the Americas. Goods such as chicken, cattle, barley, and wheat came from Euorope to the Americas. The Europeans also brought over diseases such as small pox. Africa traded Okra for cash crops such as corn and tobacco grown in the Americas.
  • What social distance learning feels like
  • uhhhh shoot did they just call on me. It's fine I will just text Jessie for the answer
  • Can my teachers tell that I am sleeping?!?
  • Throughout this time Asia adopted strict foreign policies in response to many European nations expanding. European nations tried to establish themselves across the ocean and Britain was able to set up thirteen colonies along the East coast of Noth America while France started to control nowday Canada.
  • The British flag should be the only flag here. Britain deserves the right to own this land.
  • Indigenous people in the Americas began rebelling in response to the harsh labor conditions imposed upon them by the Europeans. Slaves were also brought on ships from Africa and sold in the Americas to plantation owners. The unfair treatment of indigenous people and slaves caused uprisings against their masters.
  • Abolish slavery
  • Freedom!
  • Storyboard only allows you to use 3 or 6 panels, so I used this extra panel to depict what it looks like in the room of a teenager during social distance learning lessons.
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