Updated: 3/23/2021

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  • He knew that his uncle would be really mad so he ran away.
  • He always had to work in the garden even though he was not a slave like 3 year old Theo and his mom.He lived with his uncle since his mom and dad died. but in his free time he would play with Theo under the apple tree.
  • Theo hit him in the back of the head with the stick and he fell over and his head was bleeding.
  • He got on a ship and hid so he could go to New York.
  • He knew that Theo would get sold away from his mom just like his Theo's dad was and then he relized that his uncle did not know who had thrown the stick at him because he was turned around.So he said he had thrown the stick. And told Theo to run behind the barn.He told him that he would meet him there but he knew he would not be able to though.
  • sorry
  • New York was in the middle of a war he had nothing else to do so he joined the army.