Eng 101

Updated: 9/9/2021
Eng 101

Storyboard Text

  • Speech context:Interpersonal Communication Dyad, ConversationSpeech style:Casual, Intimate
  • HEEYY!! wanna play Valorant!?
  • just unrated to warm up first
  • HEEYY!! wanna play Valorant!?
  • DyadconversationCasual
  • oohhh.... mb (My bad) sorry bro...
  • Omsim! Are we going to play unrated or competetive?
  • I think that would be my first and last game bro. Tomorrow again
  • Oi lodicake before anything else, I bought a bundle of new skins, wanna see?? ehe
  • ConversationCasual
  • let me see it, Nice skin looodssss!!
  • Shall I start the game?
  • Dyad Casual
  • Yep!
  • Nt (nice try)
  • Oi pare, I saw one enemy on site. Make it count, this is the last round.
  • ConversationIntimate
  • naahhh brroo... it's ok, it was just for fun don't take the lodicakes.
  • Dyadconversationcasual
  • oohh... I am really sorry again lods... I'll do better tomorrow....