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english 3
Updated: 9/15/2020
english 3
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  • our hero
  • A Fallen Angel
  • were are the guards that protect the baby princess?
  • Guards these traitor is trying to kill the princess!!!
  • Traitor what are you doing with the princess!!
  • you are gonna pay for these traitor!!
  • Fool you should have never get into these room
  • The Waken
  • training with that sword again, how are your wounds
  • im not afraid of any beast.
  • im gonna prove him who i really am what im capable of
  • you call that training, fight something that doesnt move, if you want a real challenge kill the beast in the cave at the north of thse woods
  • our story starts with our hero better know as oigres the great, known as the best loyal and honorable warrior of this kingdom, love by the people and commemorated by the king. he has gained his name by defending the kingdom and killing uncountable monsters.
  • The beast of the cave
  • theres a debt a have to collect and after i finish my business here then is when we leave.
  • but destiny would trick our hero and everything would go upsidedown, one night the guards who protect the baby princess disappear and our hero would fall on a dirty misunderstanding.
  • Sweet Revenge
  • are you ready to leave?
  • we,ll buy some time !!
  • lets go into the woods !!!
  • as the last chance to escape our hero desperate jump through the window and fall and the river, a mysterious old man threatens his wounds.
  • The Departure
  • thank you hunter you are our hero!!!
  • Our hero accepts the old man challenge and now he is going to fight the mysterious beast of the cave
  • Now that our hero has proved his strength they have decided with the old man to travel farther away from the kingdom but ogres have something on mind before his departure.
  • now our move far away, now he protects the inhabitants of other villages from monsters, he is know as phoenix the hunter.
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