internet safety with your boy anto
Updated: 11/11/2020
internet safety with your boy anto

Storyboard Text

  • not so bad lad what's up with you
  • what is it?
  • i got a little question for ya
  • well jimmy how are ya?
  • so i was searching for the weather as you do and i came across a site that told me i've just won a free playstation 5 what should i do jimmy old pal?
  • well listen here fella its probably a scam and you shouldn't put in any of your personal information into the site or youll get robbed
  • well pal how should i know if its a scam or not?
  • well check if the website your on has the https in the link and if theres a closed lock on the link aswell then you know that your safe buddy
  • Then it's not a trusted site and you shouldn't go onto it
  • well what if it doesn't?
  • no bother buddy anytime
  • wow really? your so sound thanks for the info bro
  • well lads
  • you won't believe what just happend. i was searching for the weather and i'm after winning a playstation 5 all i had to do was pay for shipping how lucky was that?
  • well
  • well
  • wow........
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