barçat shirt
Updated: 12/6/2020
barçat shirt

Storyboard Text

  • I'm go to the shop to buy the new Barça equpment
  • STOOOP!!
  • HEELP!!
  • I'm hear
  • Heeeeelp!!!
  • Are you okey?
  • He is Joe a teeneger of 15 years old, and a fan of Barça. He went to a Barça shop in Manchester for bought the new Barça kit. His favourite player was Messi and Braithwaith
  • I hit you shoplifter
  • When robber was trying to steal a kid, Joe's see and help the kid, the robber is trying to estol a ball of fotball, and Joe continus to went to Barça shop
  • Thanks
  • While Joe arriving in shop,He heard people screaming, While Joe was thinking what and a shoplifter,He see a bat,He took the bat and enter in the shop to help people.
  • Joe enter in the shop,and saw shoplifter, is the same what try to steal when Joe went to the shop, and try to help people and try caught the shoplifter, hiting with a bat and after bought the Barça shirt
  • In the floor!
  • Joe hit the shoplifter and saved people,the shoplifter was crying in the floor, they thanks give to Joe. Pople decided to buy the Barça shirt of Braithwaith and Messi
  • People bought Barça shoes, shirt, panths and came buck to house, Joe was very Happyed because he save people, help the kid and took the Barça equipament. He remember this day for a loot of time.