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odyssey story board
Updated: 10/2/2020
odyssey story board
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Storyboard Text

  • the men try to steal things from the market
  • lets steal as much as we can!
  • some of the men try to escape the cyclpose
  • nows our chance to escape!
  • they thought they had found teasure but it was just the wind
  • i think it might be treasure?
  • the men are trying to steal things from the market because of their long journey. " We took their wives and much booty, which we divided equitably amongst us so that none might have reason to complain". Pg.143
  • when one of odysses men was eaten
  • " we sharpened a pole and used it to gouge out his eye. we escaped his groping by clinging to the undersides of his goats". (Pg.145 ) the men tried to escape the cyclopes. the cyclopes at three of his men, but once they threw the fiery log in his eye, the were able to escape.
  • sacrificing two sheep
  • "He put the shack in the ship and bound the mouth with a silver thread so tightley that not even a breath of a side wind could blow from any quarter". Pg. 162.. the men thought that they had some treasure but it was just a gift from the wind and not what they thought it was.
  • attack of the three headed snakes
  • Odysseus and his men were stuck on this island, a monster came and ate some of his men."they found his wife to be as giant as a mountain, and they were horrified at the sight of her". Pg.164.
  • " i cut the throats of two sheep, and let the blood run into the trench...".Pg.181. Odysseus has sacrificed two little sheep in a cave.
  • suddenly there were three headed snakes that appeared to them and tried to kill them. "when your crew have taken you past the sirens i cannot give you coherent directions". Pg.202
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