Vocab 8 Storyboard (pt. 2)
Updated: 1/30/2020
Vocab 8 Storyboard (pt. 2)
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  • As a family who is fortunate enough to have the money we do, we've built this diner for those students who may not have a place to go and spend time after school. Here, they can feel safe.
  • Noblesse oblige is the obligation of the rich to be honorable and charitable
  • And do not fret about money. All of this is free of charge. It's our noblesse obligue to you; an obligation that we enjoy doing.
  • Peccadillo is a tiny flaw; a person who always finds little imperfections
  • Barbra, that is such a peccadillo. You consider it a flaw, but it makes you who you are!
  • Look at how crooked my nose is..
  • *whispers* G-ghost... p-p-poltergeist.
  • Honey? What is it?
  • Poltergeist is a ghost who insists on making its presence by throwing things about
  • This is pro rata. It's all according to President Trump's share. If he provides us with one case of water, we have to make it last for everyone.
  • Pro rata means in proportion; according to one's share
  • I don't mean to sound ungrateful, but is this all you've got? I'm starving.
  • Realpolitik are realistic politics, based on the facts of power
  • This meeting is merely realpolitik, not some philosophical idealism
  • Do you believe in the social equality of all humans?
  • Well.. this is marvelous
  • Quite wunderbar, if you ask me.
  • Wunderbar means something wonderful, marvelous, fabulous
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