Otto Von Bismarck
Updated: 5/2/2019
Otto Von Bismarck

Storyboard Text

  • Let's create a unified Germany! I will be the ruler and we will be unified under Prussia. 
  • We need "blood and iron" to achieve greatness! A strong military will help us gain power. 
  • Otto Von Bismarck has an alliance with Austria and is in war with Denmark.  Soon he turns on Austria and tricks France into starting a war.
  • But France wants revenge...
  • We have victory over France! I have proclaimed us Second Prussian/Germany Reich.
  • Hmmmmm.... A foreign policy We have weakened France, joined forces with Austria and Russia, and we will leave Britain alone. 
  • To erase threats against Germany
  • You need to step down because I can build a stronger German Navy and gain territories over sea.
  • ok
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