Stephanie's Ponytail
Updated: 1/18/2021
Stephanie's Ponytail

Storyboard Text

  • Unique, confident, outgoing, bold
  • Confident, carefree, smart-mouthed, proud
  • UGLY!!!
  • Surprised, annoyed, creative
  • Stephanie is in elementary school and likes to be different from others and isn't afraid to be, she also isn't afraid to speak what she thinks is true. She has a mom, dad, and younger sister
  • Angry, agitated, annoyed, smart, sneaky
  • Stephanie decides she wants a ponytail because no one else ever wears one, so her mom did so. Her classmates call it ugly but she shrugs it off since she likes it. But the next day they all show up with the same hairstyle.
  • Relieved, glad, cheeky
  • Her classmates keep copying any style of ponytail she wears the following days no matter how bizarre they are. She starts to try and think of new ways to wear a ponytail so they will stop copying her.
  • Proud, unique, cheerful, smug
  • When her classmates show up with the same hairstyle once again she decides she has had enough! She rages at them calling them brainless copycats, then finishes by yeling she is coming to school tomorrow with a shaved head.
  • The next day all the boys, girls, and even the teacher slowly are coming into the classroom with a shaved head, everyone except Stephanie.
  • Finally Stephanie shows up to class, the only one without a shaved head. She has a nice ponytail coming out the back and she is pleased that she finally can have a different hairstyle from everyone else.