I survived the Salem Witch Trails:1692
Updated: 5/22/2020
I survived the Salem Witch Trails:1692

Storyboard Text

  • Exposition
  • What? Thats absurd! I am not a witch!
  • Oh herbs. My dear mother is sick.
  • Hello Ms. Smith, What are those in your basket?
  • HERBS? *Gasp*Your a witch!*Runs off to tell the village*
  • Emma Smith is a witch! I caught her collecting herbs!
  • Fine! If you think that she is so innocent, we shall put her through the trails!
  • Conflict
  • Burn her at the stake!
  • No! She is innocent! She is my best friend, not a witch!
  • What? Thats absurd! What do they want me to do?
  • Rising action
  • WHAT? When?
  • Ok Olivia. Thank you for telling me. *How am I going to do this?*
  • The day after tomorrow.
  • Emma! The whole town thinks your a witch!
  • They want you to complete the trails!
  • *Emma is coming back from collecting herbs to help her sick mother when she runs into the town Reverend. As soon as he finds out she is gathering herbs, he runs off to warn the villege about Emma.*
  • Climax
  • Yes Reverend Gordon
  • *Reverend Gordon is telling the town that Emma was collecting herbs. They want to burn her, but Emma's friend, Olivia Beckham, claims that she is innocent. So the Reverend decides to put her through the trails*
  • Falling Action
  • 1,2,3,4,5,6
  • Why me?
  • *Olivia goes to visit Emma and tells her what the Reverend said at the town meeting. Emma is afriad, but she doesnt let it show. She knows what she has to do to complete the trials. She has to sink in water not float*
  • Resolution
  • After the time was up, they pulled you out to see if you were still alive. You were barely breathing, so they brought you here.
  • Are you ready Ms. Smith?
  • *Two days later, they all gathered at the river, for the trials. Reverend Gordon asked Emma to step into the water. She holds her breath and slowly goes deeper and deeper into the river water.*
  • *As Emma stayed in the water, She started to lose her breath. Soon, everything went black. The town counted down, but Olivia didn't. Instead she thought about poor Emma. She hoped that Emma will remember what Olivia taught her about holding her breath.*
  • Remember what I taught you
  • How am I alive?
  • *Emma woke up at her house. She was confused. Normally during the trials, people that were accused, died. But she was alive. Why? How?*
  • So I proved I'm not a witch?
  • Yes Emma. they don't think that you are a witch!