julius caesar
Updated: 1/12/2021
julius caesar

Storyboard Text

  • Act 1
  • "Beware the idles of march." (I:II:ln 23).
  • Act II
  • "Say he is sick." (II:II:ln 65a).
  • Act III
  • "Speak, hands for me!" (III:I:ln 77).
  • Caesar is with Cassius, Casca and Brutus when the soothsayer walks in. The soothsayer calls out Caesars name and warns him. He repeats himself. Caesar doesn't seem to care.
  • Act IV
  • "your brother too must die. Consent you, Lepidus?" (IV:I: ln 2).
  • Caesar couldnt sleep because calpurnia shouted in her sleep they murdered caesar. Calpurnia asks caesar not to go but brutus doesnt think thats a good idea. They think calpurnias dreams have a whole different meaning.
  • Act V
  • "Fly, my lord, fly!" (V:V: ln 43).
  • "These many,then,shall die;their names are pricked." (IV:I: ln 1).
  • Casca makes the call to stab caesar. Casca stabs him first then the other conspirators stab him after casca. Finally brutus is the last one to stab caesar. Caesar dies.
  • Theme
  • Antony meets Lepidus and Octavius. They look at a list of names deciding who should be killed. Lepidus says yes to his brother being killed if Antony agrees to the death of his nephew. Octavius says that he trusts Antony but Antony has doubts.
  • Brutus asks Volumnius to hold the sword out so Brutus can run on it. Brutus does not want to become a prisoner. He would most likely be executed. He chose suicide.
  • Nobility is the theme I think it demonstrates most. Antony shows loyalty by getting revenge for Caesars death. He is really noble and a good friend to Caesar.
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