Julius Caesar Act 4
Updated: 5/15/2020
Julius Caesar Act 4
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  • Act 4, Scene 1
  • These many, then, shall die; their names are pricked.
  • Lepidus, go you to Caesar's house. Fetch the will hither.
  • I do consent
  • Your brother too must die. Consent you, Lepidus?
  • Act 4, Scene 1
  • The threefold world divided, he should stand one of the three to share it?
  • You may do your will; But he's a tried and valiant soldier.
  • Act 4, Scene 2
  • Wrong I mine enemies? And if not so, how should I wrong a brother?
  • Most noble brother, you have done me wrong.
  • Are much condemned to have an itching palm, to sell and mart your offices for gold.
  • Act 4, Scene 1- Antony, Octavius, and Lepidus talk about a list of names of who they want to kill. They agree that they will kill Lepidus' brother and Antony's nephew. They also discuss changing Caesar's will to save money. They send Lepidus to get it.
  • Act 4, Scene 2
  • You have condemned and noted Lucius Pella for taking bribes here of the Sardians.
  • Act 4, Scene 1- Lepidus leaves, Antony asks Octavius if he thinks Lepidus is a good enough leader to rule with them and Octavius says he does not think he is a good leader.
  • Act 4, Scene 2
  • No man bears sorrow better. Portia is dead.
  • I did not think you could have been so angry.
  • Act 4, Scene 2-Brutus and Cassius are gathering armies. Brutus is waiting with his army when Cassius approaches Brutus accusing him of doing him wrong. They decide to take the conversation into Brutus' tent.
  • Act 4, Scene 2
  • Why com'st thou?
  • To tell thou thee shalt see me at Philippi.
  • Act 4, Scene 2-Brutus and Cassius fight over bribes and it turns into them insulting each other. They then forgive each other and make up. A poet comes in the tent and yells at them for fighting.
  • Act 4, Scene 2-Brutus and Cassius decide to have wine together. Cassius brings up how angry Brutus was and Brutus tells him about Portia's death.
  • Act 4, Scene 2-Brutus calls Claudio and Varro to sleep in his tent. As they are trying to sleep, Brutus is still awake reading. He is approached by a Ghost telling him that he will see him at Philippi. Brutus suddenly wakes up Claudio and Varro to ask if they saw anything, but they say they did not see anything.
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