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Updated: 12/13/2019
English Project
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  • Then I shall go kill the Chimera in you honor.
  • It would please me and my people if you would slay the Chimera.
  • Then I shall find the Pegasus to win the battle.
  • You need to find the Pegasus to win the victory you are seeking.
  • This will help you find what you tame the winged horse. WELL this is good bye for now.
  • Golden Bridle
  • King Iobates sent Bellerophon on a quest. The king desired to have the fire breathing monster, Chimera to be dead, thinking the beast would kill Bellerophon.
  • Before he began going on with the quest, a local seer suggested he should tame the Pegasus, a winged horse, saying it would bring him to a win. Bellerophon didn't know where he was to go to get Pegasus, he slept, hoping the gods would be in his favor.
  • In his dream Athena, goddess of wisdom, gave him the golden bridle to tame Pegasus. Not only this but the goddess also indicated to go to the Well of Peirene to find it, and so Bellerophon did as he had been told.
  • The Pegasus was tamed and controlled by Bellorohon, who also managed to gain its friendship. The demigod managed to gain a victory by killing the fire-breathing beast, Chimera, but also the loyalty of his trusty horse-like companion.
  • Bellerophons pride got the best of him and when he tried to over throw Olympus, Zeus was angered and sent a gadfly to sting Pegasus and kill him, when Bellerophon was thrown off he was paralyzed for life.
  • This legend represents that we shouldn't let our pride take control and get the best of us to where we think we are better than everybody. It's important we humble yourself and don't think we are better than anyone because of something.
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