Updated: 6/2/2020
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  • DNA&RNAAward winning author shahbaddin Nagi
  • Best childrens author of 2020
  • Hello Mr.Nagi, I have a question about DNA I heard it at the museum and didn't know what it meant will you be able to teach me about this? Thank you, kate
  • Hello Mr.Nagi. I forgot to mention this in my last letter what about RNA I heard it's like the cousin of DNA and they work together
  • There are almost 30 trillion cells in your body, but somehow they stay well organized and work together. You must be wondering how, well it's all thanks to DNA the instruction manual for your cells. DNA is like a blueprint that tells cells what job to do.
  • What is DNA
  • Fun fact: cells are impossible to see with the naked eye
  • DNA is shaped like a twisted ladder, and is very long did you know every one of your DNA's is 6 ft long. You must be wondering how does it fit inside my body, well DNA is coiled very tight in your nucleus which is the center of the cell.
  • Fun Fact: If your DNA was uncoiled it would stretch to the sun and back 600 times
  • What does DNA look like
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