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Jay Patel - Theban Trilogy Mini Project: How pride can make you lose
Updated: 11/3/2020
Jay Patel - Theban Trilogy Mini Project: How pride can make you lose
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Storyboard Description

In the comic strip, the tall kid is winning. He begins to talk down on his opponent, calling him trash because he is losing. However, the shorter kid ends up winning the game, and the taller kid is shocked. The shorter kid explains that he let his pride get the best of him, causing him to underestimate his opponent and eventually lose. In Oedipus the king, Oedipus goes through a similar dilemma. He pridefully promises to get rid of the curse in Thebes, even naming himself a god! However, he eventually realizes that he is the cause of this curse. His own hubris backfires on him, and Creon exiles him because of his broken promise. If you are not careful, your own pride can take control of you and lead you to your very own downfall, which is exactly what happened to Oedipus.

Storyboard Text

  • Swishhh! Hahaha, You are short and trash compared to me
  • Just because I am short doesn't mean I am trash.  By the way, the game is not over yet. I can still catch up and win.
  • Ok whatever you say shorty, check ball
  • Just you watch
  • Nooo I lost!!
  • Letss goo! That is game I won
  • Dude how do I lose that game.
  • It is becase your pride got the best of you. Just because your winning, it doesn't mean the game is over.
  • What do you mean?
  • For example, you were talking trash earlier and you got too confident. You let your guard down because of your pride and you lost because of it.
  • When you become too overconfident, there is a good chance it will backfire.
  • OHH I see. Now I know that I shouldn't let my pride get the best of me. By the way, I am sorry for calling you trash and short earlier.
  • No problem, now lets go play another game!
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