Biodiversity Comic: Blair the Hero
Updated: 5/23/2020
Biodiversity Comic: Blair the Hero

Storyboard Text

  • Meet Blair, the Hero!
  • I sense danger and those in need of help! ...
  • Meanwhile...Organisms in danger
  • Blair gets to the scene
  • It's worse then i thought i need to act fast before these organisms die!!
  • Meet Blair, an ordinary scientist in her area, or is she? No Blair has the ability to sense danger within organisms and can help revive resources. She senses animals in danger due to Habitat loss in the area. Giving threat to native plants and animals around her. Good thing Blair is here to save the day!
  • Solution solved
  • After a big drought hit the city, affecting local ponds, dams, and rivers. Native organisms have took a huge effect due to the shortage of water. Leaving the organisms with little to no resources and left to die. With too many organisms on land fighting for little resources they are going to die. What is going to happen?? They need help right away.
  • Hooray To Blair!!
  • Anything to help!
  • Blair realizes how damaged and bad this ecosystem is and with the wave of her finger she can turn this habitat to a striving and efficient ecosystem for the native organisms to survive in.
  • THE END !!
  • The habitat is restored and back to normal. The organisms have enough resources for them and their offspring. Blair Saves the day!
  • The animals are saved!
  • Due to Blair restoring the resources and planting native plants for the organisms to survive with and bringing more water, the habitat was saved and so were the animals! When she arrived home she made sure the habitat was under wildlife protection so no other damage would happen again. All thanks to Blair, she saved the day. 
  • THE END...