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Updated: 4/10/2021
English Storyboard

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  • Hi, my name is Abdul Azeem. Lately, i have been very busy, trying to make my house as neat as possible. Why, you may ask? Well that's because the renowned chef, Gordon Ramsay, is coming over to my house to taste my very own, homemade Nasi Lemak, as I am part of a competition and he is hear to judge me. Just as I peep out of the window, I see Mr. Ramsay get out of his car! " So fast!", I think as I rush to the front door to greet him.
  • I try to sound as polite as I could and rushed of to the kitchen. I had been preparing for this moment for my entire life and I know I could not waste a moment's time. I had to rush as despite his patient smile, I knew how impatient Gordon Ramsay could get.
  • Mr. Ramsay, its apleasure to meet you! Please have a seat and make yourself feel at home!
  • The renowned chef, Gordon Ramsay, sitting in a my house which I turned into a 'makeshift' high class hotel, while I ran around trying to prepare the food and at the same time memorize my script.
  • I finally arrive with my food and serve Mr. Gordon Ramsay.  Then, I start with the introduction of my food memoir and tell Mr. Ramsay about why the dish is so significant to me. I also explain to him about how Nasi Lemak was originated from Malaysia and not Singapore.
  • Sorry to keep you waiting, Mr Ramsay. Here, this is my Homemade Nasi Lemak
  • Close-up view of the food
  • Conclusion