the story

Updated: 2/10/2021
the story

Storyboard Text

  • One day in hot summer day at a wonderful island. Ali went to the beach with his parrot to surf like every summer.
  • Setting
  • What a wonderful day dear parrot !
  • Ali was about to go inside the water when he suddenly step on an old bottle. He didn't notice someone was watching. He didn't hesitate and remove the paper was inside the bottle and red it.
  • Conflict
  • What is inside this bottle ?!
  • Scull island treasure map
  • ?!
  • He decided to follow the map instruction to find the hidden treasure in Scull island. he bring his boat and went to his target.
  • Raising Action
  • parrot let's go for a new adventure !
  • After a long day of trying to solve the map's mysterious instructions and searching every possible place . He finally found it.
  • Climax
  • Wooow !!I found the treasure !!
  • HmmIt's time to ..
  • Parrot follow him !!
  • Out of the sudden Ali, Salem's old and naughty friend took the treasure and tried to run away. Salem was shocked he didn't thought that Ali was spying on him.
  • Resolution
  • Thank'sfor the gift
  • Awwwch!!
  • Parrot attacked Ali and stopped him right away. Persons like Ali always pot their eyes on other's belonging and think that he deserve it more than them, but brave Salem taught him a lesson.
  • Moral
  • Why do you always get the good things ?! life is not fair
  • That's because I'm not lazy and foxy. I always work hardthat's why !