Updated: 6/8/2020
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  • That nasty green stuff is like pathogen, it lasts for hours on dry surfaces before it needs to find a new host
  • It can also get onto you when people sneeze and cough on you. This can land on your hands and mouths and be inhaled
  • So lets examine what happens inside of you, firstly these particles get into your respiratory tract and start replicating
  • And you'll barely feel a thing
  • You'll begin to feel a little cold and cough come on as it begins to overcome your immune system
  • Everytime a sick person coughs, they can release millions of microscopic germs in their mucus or in the air
  • Here a few of the symptoms that can occur:
  • Headaches,lack of energy, lethargy and a bad cough
  • An annoying stuffy nose
  • a heavy fever, with chills and shiver
  • Your body also has the important B Cells which produce antibodies that help neutralize viruses.
  • Dendrite cells are also created which are like clones and memory cells of B cells and T cells. This means if you get the virus again, your body will have a better response!
  • So now for the fightback: Infected cells send messages to T Cells which trace and bind and kill infected cells
  • So for next time, remember to stay hygiene alert, cough into elbows and to minimize spread of pathogens to others so that others don't get sick
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