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Health E Ciggarete
Updated: 5/20/2020
Health E Ciggarete
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  • Hey Tim why were you smoking an E cigarette, you know that is not allowed in school because it ruins your health.
  • First of all when people use e cigarettes the chance of getting a heart attack is increased by 56 %
  • Let's go to my room I will teach more about E cigarettes
  • Oh really like what diseases?
  • n
  • I'm not finished yet, So if you use E cigarettes you have 30 % higher chance if getting a stroke and also you have a 10 percent higher chance of getting CAD
  • But that is not really a disease
  • People who use E cigarettes have a 45 % higher chance of getting blood clots
  • What is CAD is it a disease?
  • Yes you're right, CAD also known as Coronary artery disease and it is a build up of plaque which cause coronary arteries to narrow and stop the blood flow to the heart
  • aaaand there is no cure to that disease....
  • It is nighttime already...
  • Tim just used his E cigarette and he is trying to hide it even though its so obvious because the room smells of vape
  • Mostly adolescents use E cigarettes and in 2018 3.6 million youths were using E cigarettes, from 2017 to 2018 the amount of people who use E cigarretes increases by 78 %
  • I'm hungryyyyy, haven't eaten for a day
  • This guy brings Tim to a room and teaches him about E cigarettes and Cardio vascular diseases and how they are associated together
  • So mostly teens and adults get heart diseases because they are the ones who use E cigarettes the most
  • Using E cigarettes will damage your small airways in you lungs and you will have a high chance of getting pneumonia or other respiratory disease
  • Not only will you get heart diseases but you increased odds of chronic cough, phlegm and bronchitis, as well as asthma diagnoses.
  • Is he even listening?
  • This guy explains what CAD (Coronary Artery Disease) which can't be cured unfortunately
  • Noooooooooooo
  • Also E cigarettes can overheat and explode causing youre face to burn, out of 2000 ilnesses caused by E Cigarettes 39 people have died so you have to stay away from E cigarettes
  • Ok mister Janitor thank you I learned a lot
  • It is nighttime and this guy is still talking, so he is talking about the statistics and the age group that really uses E cigarette
  • Not only does E cigarette cause heart diseases but also other diseases like an inflammatory respiratory disease or pneumonia
  • It turns out this guy was a janitor and he tells Tim about death/illness rate and how sometimes E cigarettes can explode
  • Ok
  • Oh also go to the dean's office because you were vaping
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