Scientific revolution
Updated: 1/13/2021
Scientific revolution

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  • I'm Isaac Newton, and I'm known for the theory of gravity. I also invented calculus.
  • Cool. I'm Robert Boyle, and I'm the father of chemistry. I preform controlled experiments.
  • I changed the way the world understands the universe. I proved that what goes up must come down.
  • I published my work in detail, which helped other scientists study my thinking process. This allowed input for the future.
  • I am Louis Pasteur, and I'm known for discovering principles of vaccination, and fermentation.
  • Nice, I'm Marie Curie, and I conduct research on radioactivity.
  • I invented the rabies vaccine, the anthrax vaccine, and the cholera vaccine, which have saved many lives from disease.
  • I was the first woman to win a Nobel Prize. This impacted intelligent females around the world.
  • New ideas transform societies because we evolve through change. Change so far has allowed us to live longer, and to be accepting of one another. New ideas bring society closer together.Sometimes new ideas can be negative, and can change society for the worse. An example would be Hitler, and how he convinced a good chunk of Europe that Jews were evil.The Scientific Revolution a change in both science and thought, because the way we understand and process the universe now is different because of scientific evidenceThe Scientific Revolution is a continuation of Renaissance thinking, because it defies what had been ingrained in our brains through church. It was freer thinking, because it was reasoned through facts, and not through God.
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