Updated: 3/28/2021

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  • In the late 12th to early 13th century the mongols were a Chinese nomadic tribe who murdered countries people with their amazing bow and arrow skills as well as there horse back riding. The tribe pillaged many towns and villages all around China.
  • While this was happening many people in Asia were getting unexplainably sick due to the bubonic plague. Rats developed the disease first then fleas spread it to humans. The disease killed lots, it wasn't long before the disease spread further...
  • Were sorry but you're probably going to kill us all.
  • The disease was spread to Europe from Asia due to the many trade routes both continents had with each other. Many people on the ships were carrying the plague as well the rats that infested the cellars of the ships. Since Asia had multiple trade routes with Europe the disease was bound to spread fast and it was deadly.
  • The "Black Death"
  • Once the plague reached Europe hundreds, thousands , even millions perished. It spread like wildfire, children, adults even babies all died. One third of Europe's population was wiped out the, "The black death" was devastating. It was the worst disease breakout of that time and it still is. Doctors tried to save people using various procedures, nothing worked.
  • This was a turning point in western Europe due to the many families that were affected by the plague as well as its death count. The ways of life had to change for many. Citizens had to ¨quarantine" there families and friends to survive. In addition there were also huge economic changes, salary increased to the people who survived the disease.
  • For good or evil, the plague years gave us crossbows, new medical ideas, guns, clocks, eyeglasses, and a new craving for general knowledge. And so the rainbow at the end of this terrible storm yielded its pot of gold. The last new technology of this ghastly 150 years was the printing press. It finally melted what Shakespeare had named the winter of our discontent. It provided access to knowledge. And it started the rebirth of Europe.