Abhikhya Water Cycle
Updated: 1/31/2020
Abhikhya Water Cycle
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  • The sun heats up and adds thermal energy to the water. This evaporates the water, turning it into gas.
  • The gas is light and floats into the air. As it gets higher, it get's colder and comes together to form clouds. It gets cold enough to turn back into the liquid clouds.
  • When the cloud gets too heavy with water, it releases some. This is call percipitation.
  • The water collects in the roots of trees for them to grow.
  • When the sun's out, it makes the water that the trees stored evaporate. This is called transpiration.
  • There is also a transformation from liquid to solid. This is when the ice cools down and loses thermal energy to the ice which turns it into ice.
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