Lifestyle disease
Updated: 6/7/2020
Lifestyle disease
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  • Mal gets scolded!
  • Why are you always sitting on your PC, go to the shops and buy some groceries for me!!! All day you sit on that chair MOVE NOW!!!
  • Ok mom I'll go.
  • OMG mom seems so angry, I better move fast or else I'm going to get a beating today.
  • Mal meets Bob!
  • Bob just came from a jog...
  • Daily exercise is very important for the human body. It makes you feel good, keeps you happier, improves sleep, strengthens your bones, muscles and joints, and can prevent lifestyle diseases such as some cancers and diabetes. 
  • Oh, Hi Mal how are you. Where are you heading? I heard you hated going for walks and everything?
  • I STILL DO!!!Its just that I had to go buy groceries for my mom today and besides, why do you like going for jogs every morning.
  • I finally reached the shop, that was such a long walk.
  • Mal reconsiders his choices!
  • I should probably start exercising everyday, I don't want to get any type of lifestyle disease and ruin my future.
  • At least 60 minutes of exercise everyday is what Bob said...
  • People like Mal don't understand the situation they are dragging themselves into. Mal plays video games on his computer all day and has chances of becoming obese and gain high blood pressure.
  • Mal learns about diets!
  • Mal went for a jog early morning and sees his classmate Serena at the shops...
  • What are you doing out here Serena?
  • I'm going to buy things I need for my diet.
  • Physical Activity and Good Physical HealthReduces the risk of dying prematurely from heart disease and other conditions, reduces the risk of developing diabetes, reduces the risk of developing high blood pressure and also reduces blood pressure in people who already have high blood pressure.
  • Mal starts dieting!
  • Mal reaches his home and asks him mom to feed him a healthier diet everyday...
  • Mom...I was thinking of starting to eat healthy food, you know...a healthy diet?
  • Mal realises his mistake and decides to work on it. He starts to exercise every day and this is what helps him prevent lifestyle diseases.
  • Mal's healthy balance!
  • After one month they all had their doctor's appointments...the results were shocking...
  • GUYS, I went to the doctor yesterday and he said that I have contracted high blood pressure. He said it was because I do not exercise everyday.
  • I also went to the doctor yesterday...he said I have type 1 diabetes...I think it is because I don't have a healthy diet.
  • One day Mal meets Serena and finds out that she has a very healthy diet. He asks her why she wants to eat so much disgusting healthy food, he learns that having a good diet is also a key factor in remaining healthy. He decides then and there, that he will start healthy dieting.
  • Diet? For what?
  • Healthy diets boost good cholesterol (high-density protein) and decrease unhealthy triglycerides. This directly impacts risk of heart disease, stroke, metabolic syndrome, diabetes and high blood pressure by helping your blood flow smoothly.
  • He asks his mother for a better diet and she supports his choices. He moves forward and reconsiders his mistakes and therefore he won't suffer from any lifestyle diseases.
  • Why? Are you gaining weight or something? I told you to not sit on that dumb computer all day didn't I.
  • No, I heard healthy diets help people avoid lifestyle diseases such as diabetes and strokes.
  • Mal decides to start eating a healthy diet as well and figures out the perfect balance between diet and exercise in life, this helps him survive all the lifestyle diseases. On the other side Serena suffers from high blood pressure and Bob suffers from Diabetes. In the end Mal survives from lifestyle diseases because he exercises every day and eats a good diet as well.
  • I did both exercise and dieting, I also went to the doctor yesterday...he said I was completely fine and my health was perfect.
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