Persepolis Comic pt.2

Updated: 3/22/2021
Persepolis Comic pt.2

Storyboard Text

  • I begged my parents to let her stay, that we could work something out.
  • We just don’t have enough money to keep this family together.
  • This way we can provide for all of you.
  • I cried that night.
  • Every day I felt so alone
  • The number of people at home was slowly getting smaller as time went on.
  • My father came into the room one day with a serious look on his face. That's when I knew....
  • I'm sorry. It's time to pack your bags.
  • It's my turn, isn't it?
  • I was moved to the Satrapi's home when I was eight years old. My father said that I would be better-taken care of here.