My life with "Akasha" 2

Updated: 6/15/2021
My life with "Akasha" 2

Storyboard Text

  • It's okay daughter. Even so, we must look for if there is any circular where they are looking for it.
  • If it's mom, don't worry. Nothing bad will happen. On the contrary, it is a good action, because we are helping an abandoned dog.
  • I am very excited with my new pet, I am going to make him a unique house, never seen before. And I'm going to buy him a circular plaque, it's going to be called "Akasha" and I'll also put it "by Abigail" so that the same won't happen.
  • Days after...Abigail already had everything ready for her pet
  • Look mom Akasha is very happy!
  • Yes daughter, what I like the most is to see you happy, you have changed a lot since its arrived, you no longer spend it sad and waxed.
  • END...
  • SYNONYMS:Beautiful / CuteNew / Unique
  • MERONYMS:House; garage, yard
  • ANTONYMS:Happy / SadBad / GoodClose / Far
  •  POLYSEMY: CircularHead
  • MONOSEMY:LucrativeCheck
  • HOLONYMS:HomeSchool
  • Abigail Bustamante Ortega.
  • HOMOPHONES:Eye, I Know, noBuy, by